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Eastern Threat Center researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title to read the publication, or use the search feature to find publications by author, title, or keyword.


Publication Effects of forest management on productivity and carbon sequestration: A review and hypothesis
Publication Energy partitioning and surface resistance of a poplar plantation in northern China
Publication Evapotranspiration and soil moisture dynamics in a temperate grassland ecosystem in Inner Mongolia, China
Publication Extending PINEMAP Benefits into a Post-PINEMAP Future
Publication Featured Collection Introduction: Water for Megacities – Challenges and Solutions
Publication Fertilization intensifies drought stress: Water use and stomatal conductance of Pinus taeda in a midrotation fertilization and throughfall reduction experiment
Publication Forests, land use change, and water
Publication Future water budgets and water supply stress under climate change and urbanization in the upper Neuse River Basin, North Carolina, USA
Publication Global pattern for the effect of climate and land cover on water yield
Publication Growth and physiological responses of isohydric and anisohydric poplars to drought
Publication How well do terrestrial biosphere models simulate coarse-scale runoff in the contiguous United States?
Publication Identifying and assessing critical uncertainty thresholds in a forest pest risk model
Publication Impacts of Urbanization on Stream Water Quantity and Quality in the United States
Publication Impacts of land use change and climate variations on annual inflow into Miyun Reservoir, Beijing, China
Publication Increases in atmospheric CO2 have little influence on transpiration of a temperate forest canopy
Publication Influence of basin characteristics on the effectiveness and downstream reach of interbasin water transfers: displacing a problem
Publication Integrated modeling of water supply and demand under management options and climate change scenarios in Chifeng City, China
Publication Interactive effects of large herbivores and plant diversity on insect abundance in a meadow steppe in China
Publication Introduction for special issue: Carbon, water and nutrient cycling in managed forests
Publication Island Biogeography Theory: Emerging Patterns and Human Effects
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