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EFETAC researchers and cooperating scientists have authored and co-authored numerous publications describing research that supports natural resource management and decision making. Select a title below to read journal and magazine articles, or search for publications by author, title, or keyword using the search feature on the right side of this page.


Publication Abiotic and biotic factors affecting loblolly pine health in the southeastern United States
Publication Biophysical controls on nocturnal sap flow in plantation forests in a semiarid region of northern China
Publication Burstiness of seed production in longleaf pine and Chinese torreya
Publication Conterminous United States land cover change patterns 2001-2016 from the 2016 National Land Cover Database
Publication Effects of large herbivore grazing on grasshopper behaviour and abundance in a meadow steppe
Publication Effects of urbanization on watershed evapotranspiration and its components in southern China
Publication Elevated air temperature shifts the interactions between plants and endophytic fungal entomopathogens in an agroecosystem
Publication How afforestation affects the water cycle in drylands: a process-based comparative analysis
Publication How to manage degraded monoculture plantations in South China: a perspective from reciprocal litter transplant experiment
Publication Managing forests and water for people under a changing environment
Publication Modeling the impacts of urbanization on watershed-scale gross primary productivity and tradeoffs with water yield across the conterminous United States
Publication Monitoring broadscale vegetational diversity and change across North American landscapes using land surface phenology
Publication New seed-collection zones for the eastern United States: the Eastern Seed Zone Forum
Publication Opportunities and challenges for hurricane resilience on agricultural and forest land in the U.S. southeast and Caribbean
Publication Pandemic spotlight on urban water quality
Publication Relationships between vegetation and soil seed banks along a center-to-edge gradient on a tropical coral island
Publication Wildfire impacts on hydrologic ecosystem services in North American high-latitude forests: a scoping review


Publication Afforestation and reforestation: drivers, dynamics, and impacts
Publication Book review: effects of climate change on birds
Publication Effects of microtopography on absorptive and transport fine root biomass, necromass, production, mortality and decomposition in a coastal freshwater forested wetland, southeastern USA
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