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International Pest Risk Research Group Meeting

IPRRG_logo.pngThe International Pest Risk Research Group will host its 11th annual meeting in association with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency August 29-September 1 in Ottawa, Canada. The meeting theme is "Predictability and Uncertainty in Pest Risk Analysis." Visit the meeting website for details.

First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs)

JacksRiverFalls.jpgThe Eastern Threat Center hosts First Friday All Climate Change Talks (FFACCTs), monthly information sharing forums featuring presentations about research activities focused on climate change impacts to forest ecosystems. The next FFACCTs will take place on Friday, September 1, at 11:00 ET. Visit the FFACCTs webpage for details and to see archived presentations and related resources.

Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool (LanDAT) Workshop

LanDAT.pngThe Landscape Dynamics Assessment Tool (LanDAT) can help natural resource conservation practitioners monitor and assess impacts on changing landscapes and the ecological services and benefits they provide to people. With funding support from the Appalachian Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC), Eastern Threat Center scientists Lars Pomara, Bjorn Brooks, and Danny Lee are developing LanDAT based on an annually-updated set of spatial data products used to visualize broad patterns in vegetation change at large scales. An interactive workshop on September 13, at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, will provide an opportunity for natural resource managers, planners, spatial data analysts, and others to tour LanDAT and learn how it can be applied locally and regionally through presentations, discussions, and hands-on activities. Partners from the University of North Carolina Asheville's National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Center will be on hand to assist with workshop facilitation. For more information, please contact Lars Pomara at lazarusypomara@fs.fed.us or 828-257-4357.

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