New Features Enhance Web-based Climate Change Tool

January 2011

TACCIMO V2.0The USDA Forest Service Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center (EFETAC) has announced recent upgrades to the Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options (TACCIMO), an interactive, Web-based tool that provides users opportunity to integrate current climate change science into land management planning decisions. TACCIMO Version 2.0 features:

An enhanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) feature

TACCIMO links text with data maps, charts, and climate model projections in a GIS environment. Users can generate a standardized report highlighting trends in temperature and precipitation for any state, county, or National Forest in the contiguous United States and can easily examine these trends with the aid of an accompanying graphing tool.

An expanded Forest Service land and resource management plan database

TACCIMO users can explore forest plans for all National Forests east of the Mississippi River. The forest plans can be directly linked to TACCIMO’s database of climate change impacts or used as independent resources.

An expanded climate change science database

TACCIMO users can generate customized reports based on an extensive database of direct climate change impacts and management options derived from peer reviewed literature. TACCIMO’s climate change science database is constantly growing and is responsive to user requests and needs.

EFETAC researchers are developing TACCIMO in partnership with Forest Service Southern Regional Planning, Land and Resource Management, and Cooperative Forestry. The TACCIMO development team offers demonstrations and customized training sessions for specific user groups and needs.

Please visit to learn more about TACCIMO. For additional information and to participate in demonstration and training sessions, please contact Steve McNulty at and Emrys Treasure at

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