Southern Research Station Volunteers Get "Buggy About Pollinators" at Bugfest


BConkling_Bugfest2015.jpgAre insects needed to produce coffee? What about apples and chocolate? Children and families learned the answers to these questions during a pollinator game at the Southern Research Station (SRS) exhibit, themed "Buggy About Pollinators," at the annual Bugfest in Raleigh. Held at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Bugfest is a free, fun-filled event that invites people of all ages to learn more about the world of insects. Eastern Threat Center resource information specialist Erika Mack, research ecologist Frank Koch, and North Carolina State University cooperating scientist Barb Conkling were among the SRS volunteers who staffed the exhibit and engaged in hands-on activities that highlighted the importance of pollinators, especially native bees. Nearly 32,000 people attended Bugfest. Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: Barb Conkling talks with Bugfest attendees at the SRS exhibit. Photo by U.S. Forest Service.


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