Research Fellow Rides the Canadian Airwaves During International Conference


IMG_0074.JPGFor hydrologist Dennis Hallema, a recent conference presentation in Kelowna, British Columbia, turned into an opportunity to speak about an urgent research issue in front of an even larger audience. Following his talk at the 4th International Conference on Forests and Water in a Changing Environment, Hallema (an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education fellow working with the Eastern Threat Center) was approached by a producer for CBC Radio One. The following morning, Hallema spoke live on air with CBC host Chris Walker about the effects of wildland fires on water supply in the United States. The interview, which was broadcast July 8 on CBC Radio One Daybreak South, focused on a collaborative study that began in October 2014 with funding from the Joint Fire Science Program. Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: A large part of the Douglas fir and larch forest outside Kelowna, Canada, was burned in the 2003 Myra Canyon fire. A 2015 photo shows slow recovery in the Interior Plateau due to low annual precipitation and nutrient-low soils. Photo by Dennis Hallema.


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