Model Comparison Study Helps Aquatic Wildlife Managers Navigate the River of Streamflow Models


Chattahoochee_Wikimedia.jpgClimate change, land cover change, and withdrawals threaten aquatic ecosystem health in the Southeast, so managers rely on hydrologic models to predict streamflow changes as a result of these threats. But how do the many available models compare? A Southern Research Station-led study involving Eastern Threat Center researchers applied six models (including the Water Supply Stress Index) ranging in complexity to five study sites in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, an important source of water for people and aquatic ecosystems. Researchers found that all models were comparable and fairly accurate at predicting streamflow, with model calibration and available data being key factors in model performance. Read more in CompassLive...

Pictured: Chattahoochee River. Photo by Mike Gonzalez, Wikimedia Commons.


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