Faces of the Forest: Meet William "Bill" Hargrove


Bill Hargrove standing in front of an insect displayFrom an early age, Eastern Threat Center research ecologist Bill Hargrove was curious. So curious, he read an entire set of encyclopedias from cover to cover, dodged the fate of lightning bolts dancing around his shortwave radio, and became a familiar fixture at his local library. His interests broadened to studying insects and then leapfrogged from working on ecosystems at the watershed level to the much broader scale of landscape ecology. His Forest Service career has tracked a number of forest threats, each providing a unique challenge that has created a legacy of service that inspired curiosity, motivated his work, and has ultimately proved very gratifying. Read more in CompassLive, and learn even more about Hargrove's life and work from the U.S. Forest Service's 'Faces of the Forest' feature.

Pictured: Hargrove is an entomologist by training, and now conducts research at the landscape scale.


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