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Michael Gavazzi is a biological scientist with the Eastern Threat Center. He joined the USDA Forest Service in 1998 following completion of his M.S. in forestry from Virginia Tech, where he studied the influence of elevated carbon dioxide and water availability on seedling and herbaceous weed development. His current research involves quantifying the impact of climate and management activities on carbon, water and energy fluxes in eastern North Carolina loblolly pine plantations. Michael’s past research has included collaborating on a regional effort to link measurements of carbon biomass and exchange with satellite imagery, and scale this flux across different forest cover types and disturbance histories, validating forest growth and productivity models across hardwood forests in the southeastern U.S., contributing toward the Southern Forest Resource Assessment, collaborating on an effort to assess changes in stream chemistry following prescribed fire, and quantifying changes in down deadwood biomass as part of an effort to improve wildfire risk assessment.

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Assessing forest carbon sequestration and water supply interactions as influenced by climate and management practices

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Contact Michael Gavazzi at or 919-549-4064.

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