Forest Health Monitoring annual reports more accessible than ever

The only annual report summarizing the nation's forest conditions can now be accessed online by topic, chapter, or year from 2001 to the current report.

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Reptiles and Amphibians Unharmed by Prescribed Fires in Early Growing Season

Amphibians and reptiles tend to be most active during the spring and summer, when it’s warmer. A recent study compared how they respond to prescribed fires conducted during the growing season – when vegetation is actively growing – versus those in dormant season months.

Hurricane Maria May Help Scientists Predict How Rainforests Respond to Climate Change

The storm that devastated Puerto Rico became an unexpected variable in the world’s first tropical forest warming experiment.

USDA Forest Service Announces New Strategy for Improving Forest Conditions

A new report outlines the Forest Service's plans to work more closely with states to identify landscape-scale priorities for targeted treatments in areas with the highest payoffs.

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